HELP Videos

Hands-on Equipment Learning Program


IABP: Approach

IABP assessment, general approach to switching to FFL pump, and Arrow IABP pump operations.

IABP: Cardiosave

Pre-transport checklist and overview of how to operate the CARDIOSAVE Rescue IABP.

Vero Nitric: Pre-Transport Checks

PART 1: Calibration, equipment checks, red Nitric transport bag

Vero Nitric: Outside the Room Connections

PART 2: Connecting to Hamilton, inserting cassette,  leak test, pre-warming

Vero Nitric: Starting Dosing and BVM

PART 3: Activating cassette, choosing a flow bucket, attaching BVM, monitored parameters.

Impella Transport Training 2021.mp4


Impella transport training video

O2 Duration Calcs

Learn how to use the FFL Oxygen Duration Calculation Tool

Anapod + T1 HFNC

How use the Anapod with the HAMILTON-T1 to provide High Flow Nasal Cannula therapy

GlideScope Go Hyperangulated Technique

An overview of the microskills involved in hyperangulated video laryngoscopy


Intro to Strategies

Time Management

Learn how to dial In flow waveforms, I-time and E-time In very sick patients

Severe Hypoxia/ARDS Strategy

Understanding P-ramp

Pedi/Neo Strategies

(1 hour long)

Nasal BIPAP/CPAP with the Hamilton T1

How to connect nasal CPAP/BIPAP with the HAMILTON-T1 to provide High Flow Nasal Cannula therapy