HELP Videos

Hands-on Equipment Learning Program


IABP: Approach

IABP assessment, general approach to switching to FFL pump, and Arrow IABP pump operations.

IABP: Cardiosave

Pre-transport checklist and overview of how to operate the CARDIOSAVE Rescue IABP.

Vero Nitric: Pre-Transport Checks

PART 1: Calibration, equipment checks, red Nitric transport bag

Vero Nitric: Outside the Room Connections

PART 2: Connecting to Hamilton, inserting cassette, leak test, pre-warming

Vero Nitric: Starting Dosing and BVM

PART 3: Activating cassette, choosing a flow bucket, attaching BVM, monitored parameters.

Impella Transport Training 2021.mp4


Impella transport training video

O2 Duration Calcs

Learn how to use the FFL Oxygen Duration Calculation Tool

Anapod + T1 HFNC

How use use the Anapod with the HAMILTON-T1 to provide High Flow Nasal Cannula therapy


Intro to Strategies

Time Management

Learn how to dial In flow waveforms, I-time and E-time In very sick patients

Severe Hypoxia/ARDS Strategy

Understanding P-ramp

Pedi/Neo Strategies

(1 hour long)